Primitive Streak 
Jean-Sebastien Gauthier, 3D prints & cardboard boxes, 2019 

This series of small works explores the reproduction of primal forms through the comparison of the unusual similarities between the Venus of Willendorf, an ancient Neolithic sculpture created between 28,000 – 25,000 BCE, and an X-ray scanned chicken embryo (imaged at 4.5 -5 days post fertilization). 

This work is part of a new project underway between by the artist and Dr. Brian Eames entitled All Forms at All Times. It explores the relationships between humans, animals and technology. The primitive streak represents an early structure that forms during the first hours of embryonic development. (Note: The chicken embryo in the sculptures is not a representation of the Primitive Streak.)

Further reading

Primitive Streak, series of 4 3d prints, PLA plastic, 2019 credit: (Chanss Lagaden/CBC)

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